After School Clubs in Jeddah – MUSIC


This page is for the list of after school clubs in Jeddah for Music


Available lessons are:

  • Piano
  • Guitar 
  • Violin / Viola
  • Oud
  • Drum 
  • Voice Training 

If there is any club or teacher which/who should be added or corrected, feel free to drop a comment at the end of the post or message us anytime. 

All clubs / teachers listed here are acknowledged and approved by the actual organisations / teachers. We have contacted all of them in hopes to provide accurate information. However, as timings and fees may change before we manage to amend, please always double check with the provider directly for the latest information.

Especially when it comes to music lessons, many of them are one-on-one basis and it makes more sense if the days & timing are discussed directly with the provider. Therefore we didn’t include age & timing in this list especially for individual teachers.

Special thanks to all of them for taking their time to answer our questions and for keeping the spirit high for the kids!

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**The clubs are Listed in alphabetic order.**

(Please note that remarks on certifications / qualification is not applied to all the providers and they may hold some even when it is not mentioned.)

Music Centers / Activity Centers

Andalusia Clinics for Kids Wellness

This is actually a hybrid clinic, where it is not only a destination for sickness but a health center with activities promoting the overall wellness of children.

For Piano

Age & Timing (2019/2020): Sat,Thu 7-8PM

Fees: 1,800 SR for 8 lessons (1,300 SR for early bird)

Location: Sari st, Al Bawadi dist Google Map

Also Available: Taekwando, Jijutsu, Book club, Art, Cooking, Etiquette, Tasfeer, Cinema, After school & weekend wellness club

Tel: 0122166677

Website / Instagram / Facebook 

Arbab Alheraf 

A cafe / content / art center in a cozy artistic ambiance associated to museums in Al Balad, offering different kinds of workshops and a space for music lessons.

For Piano / Guitar / Oud

Age & Timing (2019/2020): 

  • Piano / Guitar: Tue +Thu at 6:30-8:30 PM 
  • Oud: TBA

Fees: 800 SR for 4 sessions (group of max 5 student for 1 hour lesson)

Location: Al Basateen st, Al Murjan dist Google Map

Tel: 0541333413 / 0502796234 (Teacher’s number) 

Their Piano / Guitar teacher Ed can also visit your place for private lessons. 

Instagram / Facebook

Cozy Reader’s Club

For Piano / Guitar

Age / Schedule: 5-15 yrs old 

Fees: 150 SR per session / 1,000 SR for the complete course of 10 sessions 

Location: Al Hareth Ibn Alaas, off prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz st, Al Faisaliyyah dist Google Map

Also Available: Book Club,  Art & Craft, Writing program, JCR cinema, Seasonal program every month

Their library is open for borrowing books!

Tel: 0582698505 (Fatima Albaz)

Instagram / Facebook

Eco Kids 

For Piano & Solfege

Age & Timing (2019/2020): Tue,Wed 5:30-6:30 PM for 4 yrs+

Fees: 585 SR two classes a week for a month 

Location: Off King rd, Al Shati dist Google Map

Since: Around 2015

Also Available:Gymnastics / Karate & Jiu Jitsu / Archery  / Lego / Coding / Rubik Cube / Holy Quran / Drawing / Carpentry / Book Club / Cooking

Tel: 0561474000

Instagram / Facebook

Friends Zone

A full building of different activities for the kids! Offers special events, cinema, girls spa and more while operating also as a nursery & kindergarten.  

friends zone

For Piano

Age & Timing (2019/2020):  6-7 PM through the week

Fees: 1260 SR for 8 sessions (twice a week)

Location : An Naeem dist off Al Amal st  Google Map

Also Available : Gymnastics, Ballet, Zumba, Karate, Football, Basketball, Swimming, Quran, Art

Tel: 0126224346 / 0558887240 (AM) / 0533657700 (PM)

Website / Instagram / Facebook 


Funlogy is a place for many activities, with a front shop selling themed party supplies, children’s books and gifts. Diverse courses and workshops are also available for all age groups.

For Piano

Age & Timing (2019/2020): 

Fees: 1700 SR for 8 classes

Location: Al Johara tower, Sultan rd, Al Naeem dist Google Map 

Since: 2018

Also AvailableSewing&Stitching, Embroidery, Engineering, Fitness, Zumba, Photography, Painting & Drawing, Anime drawing, Story writing

Tel 0554602216 / 0553060553

Jeddah Ballet & Piano Academy

Pioneer in Jeddah for ballet center now collaborating with a Piano teacher with teaching experience in house of opera and conservatoire.

For Piano

Age & Timing (2019/2020): 

  • For 6 yrs old – adults for girls 
  • For 6-10 yrs old for boys 
  • Kids 3-5 yrs old also available (800 SR max 3 students)

Fees: 1,400 SR for course (5 practical private lessons & 3 theoretical lessons)

Location: Al Zahrah dist near Hyperpanda on King rd Google Map

Also Available: Ballet, Teens HipHop, Art & Craft 

Tel: 0592693380

Instagram / Facebook

Sol Music Center

For over all music lessons covering all the instruments above for both children and adults under systematized level divisions and assessments. 

For Piano / Guitar / Violin / Oud / Drum / Voice Training 

Age & Schedule:

  • For ages 7-12 yrs old for existing courses 
  • For ages 7 and below is still under preparation with more flexible teaching style 


  • Piano & Violin: 1700 SR for 8 sessions 
  • Guitar: 1500 SR for 8 sessions 
  • Others: TBA

Location: Dara Center 3F on Prince Sultan rd, An Naeem dist  Google Map

Tel: 0594411917

DJ lessons and Saxophone lessons are also available for 15 years old and above. 

Website / Instagram 

Piano Teachers

Note that some of them hold their lessons at their places and some others can come to you, so don’t let go of your opportunity just because it seems far away from your place. Do contact the teacher, they can be waiting for your calls and willing to visit your location! 

Asala Love Art

Location: An Naeem dist for individual lessons and conducts workshops at different locations for group lessons.

Tel: TBA (you can contact her through Instagram)

Also Available: Guitar


Faisal Alkhani 

Location: Al Hamra dist (Confirmed he can come to you as well)

Tel: 0508500037 

Faisal is a concert pianist as well as a teacher with 10 years of teaching experience. His students are of all age and skill ranges. Able to teach Trinity + ABRSM.


By: Yuko Nakano

Location: An Naeem dist 

Tel: Contact through Instagram

Yuko started learning piano since very young age and has been trained for over 15 years through Japanese Yamaha method. She prepares lessons customized to your needs.


Maha Farouk

Location: Al Hamra dist 

Tel: 0597079319

Also Available: Guitar / Oud


Seven Octaves 

By: Maysa Samy

Location: Al Hamra dist

Tel: 0533826181

Having graduated from Cairo Conservatoire, Maysa has been working as a professional piano teacher since 2006 teaching both children and adults. 



Location: Al Hamra dist

Tell: 0504602516

Mrs Souad has over 15 years experience in teaching Piano in several schools & kindergartens in Jeddah for children ranging from kindergarten to grade 3. She also takes students at home as well and prefers teaching beginners. 

Yasmin Maamoun El Shennawy 

Location: Al Naeem dist 

Tel: 0582668667

With over 20 years of experience teaching students aged 4-40, Yasmin prepares students entering piano examinations. Additionally, she is experienced teaching children with special needs. 


Drum Teachers

Mahmoud Abo Khalil

Tell: 0597573070

More than 5 years of experience in teaching young and adult students and more than 10 years performing experience in musical bands. Very experienced and patient and can help with Drum examinations from the UK.


Guitar Teachers

Abdul Majid 

Location: Heraa St 

Tel: 0566921630 / 0507390075

Professional Guitarist (Bass, Rythm & Lead) / Professional guitar tutor (Academy level) / Sings in English, Arabic, Urdu/Hindi. 

Ahmed Aslam Baqa

Location: Al Rehab dist

Tel: 0591627887 

Started at very young age, Ahmed has been playing guitar for whole his life and has reached the definite confidence in teaching others. Most experienced with acoustic guitar. Also teaches electric guitar and classical guitar.

Asala Love Art

Location: AN Naeem dist for individual lessons. Also conducts workshops for group lessons at different locations.

Tel: TBA (contact through instagram)

Also Available: Piano


Alia Georgia Zafari 

Location: Al Andalus dist

Tel: 0555039813

Available on Saturdays 

Dina Bin Mahfouz

Location: Al Zahara dist

Tel: 0505666021 

Also Available: The little Drama Club (acting lessons)

Maha Farouk

Location: Al Hamra dist 

Tel: 0597079319

Also Available: Piano / Oud


Violin / Viola Teachers

Wael Sedky

For Violin & Viola

Location: Can come to you from the international school where he is currently working in, after 4 pm on weekdays. Also available on weekends at his place. 

Tel: 0533629434 

Dr Wael, a professor in music specialized in Violin&Viola with an exceptional professional experience both in performing and teaching is currently based in Jeddah and is available for lessons.

Oud Teachers

Maha Farouk

Location: Al Hamra dist 

Tel: 0597079319

Also Available: Guitar / Piano




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