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vox cinema jeddah

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Yes, Vox Cinema also offers parties as well! A movie session followed by activities with a party host. They have 2 birthday party rooms depending on the size of the party. This experience is something totally new in Jeddah and I am sure the guests will be so excited to attend your party there. 

vox cinema jeddah


Party Package

  • What’s activity? : Movie for around 2 hours followed by celebration & games with a party host at the party room for 2 hours
  • How much? : 4410 SR for up to 30 guests (including adults) and 147 per each additional guest  – Movie session with public
  • Minimum? : 30 guests (For a private movie session 9996 SR for maximum 68 guests)
  • What else is included in the price? : Party room / Party room decorations / Meals for guests / Birthday cake / Popcorn&Drinks / Speakers & Music /  Invitation cards /  Party pictures
  • Food and beverage from outside are allowed in the party room

Check other options here: Birthday Party Venues for Kids in Jeddah 

Happy birthday in advance to all the precious little people! Happy long-cherished memories!

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