Le Concheur Jeddah – Party Package

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Le Concheur is an elegant cafe which specializes in chocolates. They have a chocolate decoration studio and a party room upstairs which is as elegant as the entrance downstairs. The children at the party will be given a chocolate decorating session facilitated by a host. This sure is a place to have a celebration in style. The meals for the kids at the party is also prepared in the cafe itself and is of good quality. 

As a party with hands-on activities, the children are easily teamed together during the party. They will be handed matching aprons at the chocolate session and the decoration is a simple task of adding sprinkles on the already molded chocolates. These will be ready to be taken home straight after the session. You can think of another simple activity such as dancing to music and freezing when the music stops. This party is bound to be a “sweet” memory.

Moreover, the birthday cakes are prepared by the cafe itself and the taste is guaranteed to tempt you for having more!


le concheur


On Prince Sultan Rd, in Rawdah district.

  • Chocolate shop / Cafe
  • Timings: Saturday – Thursday 8 AM-12 AM / Friday 1 PM-12 AM
  • Phone: 0126397444
  • Le Concheur Instagram Page

Party Package

  • What’s the activity?: Chocolate decoration session facilitated by a host at their studio (shoe or bunnies for girls and dinosaurs for boys)
  • How much? : 105 SR per child
  • Minimum? : 4 children
  • Duration not limited (45 mins for the activity)
  • What else is included in the price? : Private party room (The whole upstairs area) / Meals for kids (Salad, Chicken, French Fries, Pizza, Juice, Water) / Plates&Forks&Napkins / Speaker&Music 
  • Services on additional cost:  Cake – 220 SR for chocolate189 SR for vanilla / 350 SR for fondu (all price for appx 10 people) / Meals for adults
  • Food and beverage including cakes from outside is not allowed
  • Decorations allowed on your own expense

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Happy birthday in advance to all the precious little people! Happy long-cherished memories!

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