MacDonald’s Jeddah – Party Package

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Kids love MacDonald’s twisting tube slides! Enjoy their highly engaged staff for birthday parties!  

Party package

Available for 11 selected branches : Waziriah, Al Sanabel, Palestine, Arbaeen, Khalidbin Waleed2, Tahlia, Al hamra, Corniche2, Herra1, North Obhur, Quaraish

Tel: (For party) 0568593584 / 0568598956

Happy A Package SR 555 (10 kids only) for 2 hours celebration

  • 10 complimentary coffee /10 twisters / Happy Meals
  • Decorated party room with balloons
  • Special gift for the celebrant
  • Party Host with games with prizes
  • Face painting / Paper Plate / Party Hats / Invitation Cards / Thank you Cards / Tray Mats / Name Tag Stickers / Goody Bags / Character Appearance / Certificate of Achievement
  • 30 SR for each additional kid 

Happy B Package SR 666 (10 kids only) for 2 hours celebration

  • All the above plus additional 10 regular meals

Happy B Package SR 777 (15 kids only) for OUTDOOR celebration

  • 15 Happy Meals instead of Happy A Package meal plan

Check other options here: Birthday Party Venues for Kids in Jeddah 

Happy birthday in advance to all the precious little people! Happy long-cherished memories!

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