Birthday Party Venues for Kids in Jeddah

Are you planning a birthday party for kids in Jeddah? These are some of the most frequently chosen venues for kids’ birthday parties in Jeddah as of 2019. I have confirmed each package details directly but please note that any information here could have been updated by the time you read it.

Physical activities

Just let them run around, climb, jump and slide.. Simple yet the best way to entertain kids! Stationary Fantasy comes with a few hands-on activities as well.

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Electronic games & rides

Do they need a bit more brain exercise or a bit of thrills? Let them go crazy for a limited time span! It is somewhat physical as well because they run around anyways from a game to another or a ride to another!

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Hands-on activities

Let’s go for a birthday party in style with group activities for memorable time together. That’s it, one of the the good things about these venues are that kids stay together in one place!

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Activity Centers

  • Friends Zone
  • Funlogy
  • Eco Kids
  • Movement Zone


  • Hot Stones
  • MacDonald

Other entertainment

Not just another birthday party..Offer kids special experience to make an impression! Kids will have a bit different experiences than going there privately.

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Happy birthday in advance to all the precious little people! Happy long-cherished memories!

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