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Arabian Homes Sierra Village is probably the 3rd largest compound in unit numbers after Saudia City and Sharbatly Village. (2nd if combined with other Arabian Homes compounds). It has a lovely community mixed well with many different nationalities and various cultural activities. Kids gather around at the central open park or at the center which is equipped with indoor playroom, a trampoline and more. The international school of Nun Academy is planned to relocate just on the side of the compound from Sept 2019.

(Arabian Homes in Jeddah has several different compounds in different locations. Among them, Sierra Village is the largest and Andalus Village is the second largest. All residents have access to all of those compounds and there is shuttle bus running between them. )


Arabian Home Sierra Village is sectioned into several different areas and roads are laid out between these sections. There are several swimming pools in each section. Although quite large, people usually get around within the compound by walking. The center is very active with many residents present for the activities, shopping, having meal / tea at the restaurant and etc.


In Zahra dstrict off the fruits basket statue on Hera street. Around 10 minutes to major international schools. And 10-15 minutes to downtown (Tahaliya / Rawdah districts).


General Conditions

  • 650 units in total
  • The annual fee for a basic 3 bed room villa is around 185,000 SR as of 2019 (Confirm with the management)
  • Furnished by standard
  • White goods included (Cooker, Dish washer, Washing machine, Dryer, AC)
  • Fitted cupboards and closets included
  • Utilities not included in the rent
  • Internet not included in the rent
  • Generally no private garage except for some units

Apartments (Standard Types)

  • 1 bedroom without balcony
  • 2 bedrooms with balcony

Townhouses (Standard Types)

  • 1 bedroom with one bathroom and a patio.
  • 2 bedrooms with two bathrooms, a patio and a balcony

Villas (Standard Types)

  • 3 bedroom villa with 3 bathrooms, a patio and a balcony
  • 3-4 bedroom villa with an extra family room or an breakfast room downstairs,3 bathrooms, a patio and a balcony (which is instead the 4th bedroom in some units).
  • 4-5 bed room villa with both family room and breakfast room downstairs, a patio and a balcony (or the 5th bedroom).


Central park attached to the football pitch sure promotes the community feeling especially among families with younger children. The restaurants outside seating area is also a lovely community area. The list includes but not limited to;

  • Mini market
  • Restaurant
  • Central park with children’s playground and a plant nursery
  • Indoor children’s playroom
  • Trampoline room
  • Mini golf room
  • Bowling allay
  • Table pool room for adults
  • Tennis courts
  • Football pitches
  • Basketball court
  • Squash court
  • Swimming pools in each section (some comes with baby pools)
  • Outdoor running track
  • Gyms
  • Sauna/Mist room
  • Large recreational hall
  • Library
  • Gift shop 
  • Nursery


Weekly newsletter distributed to each house keeps everyone updated about what is happening and coming up. The list includes but not limited to;

  • Several school buses
  • Shopping bus twice each day
  • Free shuttle bus between other Arabian Homes compounds.
  • Limousine service.
  • Beach bus once a week
  • Free TV channels
  • Tailoring
  • Laundry & dry cleaning service
  • Clinic (consultation only)
  • Pest control
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Maintenance and landscaping
  • Daily garbage collection
  • No guest car is allowed entry


Kids love the free activity supervisor! The list include but not limited to;

  • Free supervised daily activities for children – Football / Tennis / Basketball / Bowling / Bouncy castle.
  • (Free baby/toddler play group at Andalus Village twice a week)
  • Available activities for kids – Parkor / Ballet / Zumba / Zrt&Craft / Martial Zrts / Tennis / Swimming.
  • Available activities for adults –  Yoga / Arabic / Spanish / Fitness/ Martial Arts
  • Garage sale
  • Frequent organised events and celebrations 

Contact Info

TEL: 0126624000

WEBSITE: Arabian Homes Homepage

The information in this article is subject to change and does not necessarily cover everything. Please always confirm with the management.

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  • Hello,
    I am looking for 02 bed room apartment/townhouse, what will be the price and facilities?

  • Hello,
    I am looking for 02 bed room apartment/townhouse, what will be the price and facilities?

  • Hi how are you i am looking for 3 bedrooms what will be the price please
    Thank you

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