Kids Destinations in Jeddah – FRONT PAGE

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Do we have limited destinations for kids in Jeddah? Not any more! There are new places emerging at rapid pace and it’s time to put them all in one place for all of us to know our options. 

We have categorized them into 5 sections; 

These lists are still under work in progress and a little messy – bare with us until we complete them. Please share with us if you know any other places that’s missing from the list, for everyone who sees this!

Indoor Physical Activities

obstacle course

For images / location / timing / fees: 

Kids Destinations in Jeddah – Indoor Physical Activities

Listed are:

  • Sparky (Mall of Arabia)
  • Sparky’s (Red Sea Mall)
  • Red Sea Beach (Flamingo Mall)
  • Fun time (Tahaliya Mall)
  • Kidzz Cafe (Roshana Mall)

INDOOR Entertainments

coming soon

Listed are:


  • Fakih Aquarium


  • Muvi
  • Vox

Activity Centers

  • Lulu’s sprinkles 
  • Fun Is Us 
  • Movement Zone
  • Andalus wellness center 
  • Friends Zone
  • Kids Lounge


  • Laser Tag (Red Sea Mall)
  • Go Kart (Red Sea Mall)

OUTDOOR Physical Activities

coming soon

Listed are:

  • Corniche

Water Park

  • Stationary Fantasies
  • Sail island
  • Water Village

RESTAURANTS with Play Areas

For images / location / timing / fees:

Kids Destinations in Jeddah – Restaurants 

Listed are:

  • Chicken Republic
  • Cool De Sac
  • Al Qalzam
  • Hot Stones
  • Belajio Resort 
  • Apple Bees
  • Chilis
  • MacDonalds 
  • Al Tazaj
  • Little Caesars Pizza! Pizza!
  • Shrimp Zone 
  • Steak House

DAY TRIP Adventures

coming soon

Listed are:

  • Moon Valley
  • Desert Camp
  • KAEC 
  • Trio Ranch
  • City Horse
  • Mohra Stable
  • Valley Farm Park
  • Dabhan Park
  • Beach


Was there any place new to you or did you know them all already? Although not mentioned above, it’s also an option to let your child try out a new club if you are looking for something different to do : After School Clubs in Jeddah – FRONT PAGE

Please don’t forget to let us know if you know any other places. Let’s build an ultimate kids destination reference together. 

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