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This page is for the list of after school clubs in Jeddah for Photography


If there is any club which should be added or corrected, feel free to drop a comment at the end of the post or message us anytime. 

All clubs listed here are acknowledged and approved by the actual organisations. We have contacted all of them in hopes to provide accurate information. However, as timings and fees may change before we manage to amend, please always double check with the provider directly for the latest information. Moreover, the images used here are added with their permissions. Special thanks to all of them for taking their time to answer our questions and for keeping the spirit high for the kids!

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  1. Gymnastics&Parkour
  2. Martial arts
  3. Ballet&Dance
  4. Football
  5. Basketball
  6. Tennis
  7. Swimming
  8. Music
  9. Book Club
  10. Drawing&Painting
  11. Horse Back Riding
  12. Yoga
  13. Engineering
  14. Photography – current page
  15. Sewing Stitching
  16. Acting
  17. Cooking

Click the names in the table of contents to jump to each specific club within this post. 

**The clubs are Listed in alphabetic order.**

(Please note that remarks on certifications / qualification is not applied to all the providers and they may hold some even when it is not mentioned.)


Age & Timing (2019/2020)

Please check directly with the provider since programs are held on workshop basis (not a continuous schedule). Example: 2 days 5 -7 p.m. For ages 14 years and above

Fees: Example 260 SR (Book included), based on 2 days

Location: Al Johara tower, Sultan Rd, Al Naeem Google Map 

Since: 2018

Also Available: Engineering, Fitness, Zumba, Sewing&Stitching (embroidery), Painting & Drawing, Anime drawing, Story writing, Piano

Tel:  0554602216 / 0553060553


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